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    upgrade to Win 98 SE

    My desktop has Win 98. It works just fine. I have not downloaded any updates except for security updates that relate to me. I'm not willing to spend the time it takes to download everything from the MS site.

    I recently bought a laptop with Win 98 SE.

    Is it worthwhile to upgrade my desktop to SE? If the answer is "yes" is there anything special I need to know about the installation before I begin? I'd hate to get into it and then be surprised by something.

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    Re: upgrade to Win 98 SE

    If your desktop system is working well now, I would probably not touch it.

    If you are having intermittent problems (well who doesn't with Windows) it might be time for a major cleanup. In that case I would definitely REBUILD with SE instead of the prior version.

    If your system is anything like mine it gets very dirty over time with various changes. There are times that the only way to get rid of the left over garbage is to start from scratch.

    Make sure you have good backups, documentation, and source media. In particular make sure you have a record of any registration codes for usefull software.

    Good luck.

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