I have data in an Excel file consisting of 4 worksheets (actually there are more but the data I want to get at is spread around the first 4 sheets only!). I wish to mail merge from each of the 4 sheets into a Word document. At step 2 of the Mail Merge Helper I click on "Open Data Source" and navigate to the Excel file I wish to use. When I click on Open I am presented with a dialog box titled "Microsoft Excel" in which I am to "enter the range of worksheet cells you want to use". If I specify a cell range in the format A1:G1 OR if I specify a range in the format Sheet1!A1:G1, I get an error message "Word could not re-establish a DDE connection to Microsoft Excel to complete the current task". If however I accept the default range of Entire Worksheet, that's OK but I can then only access the fields on the first Excel worksheet.
Does this mean I am limited to accessing data from the first worksheet in an excel file?
Also, what entries am I supposed to make in the dialog box that asks me to enter the cell range?
Maybe I should have posted this question on the WORD board!!!!!