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    Multiple Monitors (Windows Vista SP1)

    I am using a desktop computer with a monitor and a projector. I have set the monitor attached to the desktop as the Primary monitor and the Projector as the Secondary monitor. The option to extend the desktop to the secondary monitor has been enabled and the two monitors are correctly identified on the Display settings screen.
    However, the only thing visible on the secondary monitor is the wallpaper; no icons, no mouse movement, nothing!
    I am able to use a PowerPoint 2007 presentation on the two monitors when I enable the USE PRESENTER VIEW command, but that is the only time I can see anything other than the wallpaper on the secondary monitor screen.
    When the computer is connected to the projector I do not get the New Display Connected dialog box one gets when using a laptop. Incidentally the laptop works fine, but I have to use the desktop computer for various reasons (office politics!).
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Multiple Monitors (Windows Vista SP1)

    The only unusual thing is that you cannot move the mouse to the second screen. This might happen if the alignment of the two monitors isn't what you think.

    Can you look in Display Properties > Settings and see if you have something like the attached. In this particular case I would only be able to move the mouse to Monitor 2 by moving it off the top right of Monitor 1.


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    This screenshot is from Windows XP, I assume that Vista has something similar.
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