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    Navigational query (2000)

    I have just published my website but on doing this Frontpage 2000 has created extra navigational bars within the target frame (top and left) which can only be viewed when live. Any ideas on how to get rid of these would be more than welcomed.

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    Re: Navigational query (2000)

    I believe that you are using navigation bar components embedded in the page. You should be able to select those components and delete them. This will remove them from the entire website.
    Alternately, you can specific whether a particular page will use the "Shared Borders" that the navigation bar component is embedded in. Look for this command under the Format menu.
    Alternately, you can have pages in your navigation view but omit them from the navigation bar - see picture.

    I hope I've given you a few pointers in the right direction.

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    Re: Navigational query (2000)

    Thanks for the tips, I've just sorted out the problem - there were some suspect files hiding in the borders folder which I deleted, I have published the site again and all is working well.
    Cheers anyway.

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