Hi, all. Pardon me if this is ridiculously easy, but I don't do very much with Visio.

Anyway... a user came to me with a problem she experiences copying from one flow chart to another. Specifically, she is trying to combine several org charts into one master chart. Not being able to come up with the correct combination of semantics, subjects and predicates, I couldn't find anything specific in Visio's Help file to address this. I first tried to find an "Insert Visio Drawing" option, la Adobe Acrobat's "Document: Insert Pages" command, but was unsuccessful. So I figured what could go wrong with copying the drawing from one file and pasting it into another?

Well, what happened was that a) all of the "direct formatting" (to borrow a Word concept) was lost, and the jillions of boxes all went back to Arial 8, which meant that most of the text no longer fit the text boxes; and the relative positions of the connecting lines and the associated text boxes was changed as well. (They were still connected, but are now variously closer to or farther from the boxes near them.)

Can someone sum up what might have gone wrong and what could have been done to minimize this sort of problem? Also, I realize that one can only fit so much data into a usable org chart (blivitz anyone?), but are there any guidelines, technical or otherwise, that I can point her towards to help her in the future?

Thanks in advance for your help!