i am fighting 2 bugs
to see them, do the following
start excel xp and word xp
in excel xp using the drawing tools draw a line
connecting the center of cell A1 with the center of cell B1
right click the line, and modify begin style and end style to be a filled circle.
the select the range A1:B1 and copy
go to word
paste special as excel object.
the size of the circles is completely wrong now.
paste special as html
the pasted table has 2 rows instead of one
paste special as rtf
the pasted table has 2 rows instead of one
i think that paste is the same as paste special as rtf,
and it also creates the same problem.

copy special as excel object does the right thing in excel 2000 + word 2000
since i am writing a book using this embedding feature quite a lot,
i am VERY unhappy.

does anybody know a workaround?