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    Find/replace in footnotes (2002 SP3)

    I'm trying to figure out how to remove one space before every footnote mark in a document. I can do a Find for (space)+^f, but there's no ^f available in the Replace With list.

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    Re: Find/replace in footnotes (2002 SP3)

    Tick the "Use wildcards" check box in the Replace dialog.
    Enter <code>( )(^2)</code> in the Find what box, and <code>2</code> in the Replace with box.
    The parentheses divide the search text into two parts - the first contains a space and the second ^2, the code that can be used to find a footnote mark while using wildcards.
    The 2 in the replacement text refers to the second part of the search text.

    See the help on searching with wildcards and <!post=Find/Replace Special Characters (Word),421558>Find/Replace Special Characters (Word)<!/post> for more info.

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