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    Open With Context Menu (VB .NET 2008)

    I want to add the same kind of functionality to my program as is provided in Explorer when you right-click and choose the Open With menu option, i.e. be able to choose a program from the 'Open With' list.

    I have trawled through the registry and found some keys that might do the job like HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorer FileExts<extension>OpenWithList which seems to give a list of programs for an extension but some of the programs in this list are not listed when you choose the 'Open With' menu item and some of the programs in the menu are not in this list.

    Does any body know the registry keys I have to get to perform this seemingly simple task?

    As always, any help will be gratefully accepted.

    Kevin Bell

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    Re: Open With Context Menu (VB .NET 2008)

    The list seems to be created by combining the entries from the registry key that you mention with the subkeys of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT<extension>OpenWithList, and then removing programs that can't be found any more - I assume that this check is performed at runtime. But that isn't the whole story: some existing programs are omitted from the Open With list and I can't find how exactly it works.

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