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    Product Selection (2000)

    Originally, I created a form with dealer information on it then added a subform so the sales rep could add the parts that they want on the quote. I had used a combo box for selecting the product part number and was home free... Now, what they would like to see instead is a full list of products and a check box to select which ones they want on the quote. This is just not working. Originally, the BillTo customer was added when the product was selected but I can't seem to set this up. It seems like I need a table with a full list of customers for each of the products but I'm drawing at straws and just haven't been able to find the correct approach. Can you please help?

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    Re: Product Selection (2000)

    Showing the products as a full list with a checkbox makes it more complicated.

    If you have a full list of all products with a check box, then the check box can either be Bound (to a field in a table somewhere) or Unbound.

    If it is Unbound, the moment you tick one product they will all appear ticked, so you need to make it bound. So you would need to include a yes/no field in the Inventory table to connect the check box to then:

    <UL><LI>have code to create a record (in the order items table) for each product selected
    <LI>remove all the ticks from the inventory table when you have finished.[/list]This would not work if the db is multiuser as someone else could be clearing the ticks as you put them in.
    Also do you need a quantity field? How would you handle that.

    A better option is to use a multiselect list box. This avoids the need for the check boxes, but does not deal with quantities.
    You could have two list boxes. One to show all available products, one to show those you have selected.

    I don't follow what you are doing with the Bill To customer, and what the problem is I am sorry.
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