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    Pivot Table (XP)


    I really have no idea whats going wrong here. I have a table with dates and times for which we have built a Pivot Table to sort the data by grouping months. when only the filled out rows are used to build the pivot chart I can group the months but as soon as I extend the data used to build the pivot chart to include the empty rows the grouping auto comes off and I can not group

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    Re: Pivot Table (XP)

    Pivot table grouping by data can be prblematic if all the data field are not of a date type.
    You will receive an 'cannot group' message, or the group option will be unavailable.

    This can be a real pain wher you need to include some blank rows to allow for growth.

    The workaround I use, is to define the data area used by the pivot table as a dynamic range.
    This link may be of help.

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