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    Word problems - outline numbering, paste special (Word 2003 SP2)


    I'm wondering if I'm going slightly mad it may be the case but I thought that I knew Word, and its features, however recently, I'm starting to doubt myself..

    We use a styles based outline numbering system, and there are two features that I will regularly use when fixing documents:

    1) Where styles within a document become corrupt, I will use the styles organiser to copy and replace any wayward styles from our template


    2) If the styles are too badly fekked up to make this work I will strip out all the formatting, by copying all the information and doing a paste special, unformatted text and then reformat using our styles again.

    Recently, and I'm not sure quite when, I have seeing issues with both these ways of working:

    1) using the styles organiser, brings in the correct numbering within the styles, however we lose the tab settings, and hanging indent this can be changed throughout the document by amending the style, but it used to work, and I would like to know if there is a way that this can be fixed.


    2) When doing the paste as unformatted text I am certain that the numbering was removed allowing us to quickly start formatting the document again occasionally on pasting we would see some numbers appear, and this would indicate there was a problem with that particular style, but we are seeing all the numbers appear is there a way round this?

    Then I'm wondering when and how these two things have started to happen? We do periodically update the machines using MS updates has there been an office 'fix' that could have created these issues and probably more importantly is there an office 'fix ' to resolve these problems!!



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    Re: Word problems - outline numbering, paste special (Word 2003 SP2)

    I don't know of any patches which have modified the standard behaviour so here is a description of my experience with this.

    Using a text only paste is common amongst power users but I consider it too extreme for regular use. It takes me too long to rebuild tables, reassemble graphics, reinsert fields etc. I normally start with Ctrl-Q and Ctrl-Space to remove any local formatting. Unfortunately this also blows away Character styles but they are rarely used so it is not much of a loss.

    In terms of pasting text only resulting in numbered paragraphs:
    1. If the copied text had numbers (or bullets) either hard coded or outline list then the pasted text will retain these but make them hard coded. To avoid this, you need to remove all the numbers before you copy the content.
    2. If the paragraph style has an outline list where you are pasting the text only then every paragraph you paste will have that same outline list applied

    On the lists scrambling, rather than refreshing the styles which as you say only goes part of the way for outline lists, I use a macro to redefine the outline list every time I want to use that list or to fix a problem in it somewhere. This avoids the need to refresh the styles which is less commonly used. An old demo macro shown in <post:=25,250>post 25,250</post:> sets up the numbering for the 9 heading styles. You could modify that code and remove the number prompts for a list style series. Regardless of the scrambling of the outline list indents, a macro like this ALWAYS solves the problem.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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