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    How to keep table cell format when Paste by Append

    Hello experts,

    I find that when I "Paste by Appending Table" I loose the cell line
    formatting on the paste.

    Let me explain:

    I use tables for signature blocks in legal documents.

    I have a 2 row, 4 column signature table where all borders are off except
    the bottom border of cells A1 and C1 are set to a single line. The cells
    under each of those (eg: A2 and C2) contain the names of the people signing.
    THis gives me a nicely formatted signature line.

    I keep this table in a separate document so that when I want a signature
    block in my current document I'll copy & past that table into the current

    When I do this the first time (eg: no existing table in the target document)
    the formatting of the table borders (described above) is maintained.

    When I have additional people signing I'll want to paste additional copies
    of that 2 row table and append them to the previously pasted row.

    However, when I paste subsequent times (eg: Paste by Appending Table) the
    formatting of the two cells with bottom borders is lost - but I want to
    maintain the original formatting.

    How can I instruct Word to maintain the original cell formatting on these
    subsequent pastes?

    Thank you!

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    Re: How to keep table cell format when Paste by Append

    This is easier to do than it is to explain so if you can't work it out you might want to post your template so someone here can set it up.

    You didn't specify the version of Word you are using but in the last couple of versions there is a table style property for odd rows. If you were to set the bottom borders to appear on every odd row then you should be able to paste the elements without losing the border you have applied. You would need to create the style and apply it to the tables and ensure that the style is already in the target document you are pasting it into. You might speed things up by adding the rows to an autotext entry (or Quick Parts in Word 2007)

    The simplest alternative is to keep separate tables with a small line in between them.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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    Re: How to keep table cell format when Paste by Ap

    Thanks for the reply,

    I should have specified that I am using "Word 2003 (11.8227.8221) SP3".

    Your alternative works. That is, paste the table (formatting is retained), put in a blank line, then paste the table again and formatting in the second paste IS maintained. Then remove the line separating the tables to merge the two tables into one - and formatting in both IS maintained. Repeat as necessary.

    I should note that all the behaviour described above and in the initial post takes place when "Adjust table formatting and alignment on paste" is set (Tools -> Options -> Edit, then from "Cut and paste options" select "Settings" and check "Adjust table formatting and alignment on paste" .

    On the other hand, if you turn off "Adjust table formatting and alignment on paste" then you can paste subsequent tables IMMEDIATELY after the first table and they will join into one table AND maintain the formatting. You don't need the extra steps of creating, and later removing, a blank line between tables.

    However, I'm not certain what else might be affected by turning off "Adjust table formatting and alignment on paste" with this version of Word.

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