I have a 2-sided, 2-sheet, 11x17 booklet-style newsletter that I've been successfuly creating and printing for years in Publisher 2003. The first sheet has pages 1 & 8 on one side, with 2 & 7 on the other. The second sheet has pages 3 & 6 on one side, with 4 & 5 on the other. I create each issue from a template that has the headline and page number for each page, plus some stuff that is constant from issue to issue. All that stuff is on a series of master pages. I print the newsletter on an HP Business Inkjet 2800.

I've moved the files for the most recent letter and for the template to a new computer running Publisher 2007 under Vista. It has its own HP Business Inkjet 2800 connected to it.

I can't figure out how to get Publisher 2007 to print my newsletter as a booklet. It wants to print each page centered on one side of an 11x17 sheet.

Who can help me with this?