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    Here goes, i am currently in the process of buying a new motherboard and new processor 1 ghz processor and motherboard that supports it, now i have a lot of things on my hard drive that i want to keep. And was wondering 2 things.

    1. If i install new motherboard will i lose other data, will it corrupt my hard drive etc. I don't have facility to back it up to Zip Drive or CDRW

    2. I was wondering whether i shud upgrade to win98 as running a !ghz processor with 256mb memory might be a bit over the top for win95 and win98 will probs run smoother. Another thing is upgrading it though will i lose things if i upgrade with the update, or do a brand new rebuild. Meaning me losing all my things such as e-mail addresses and saved games on my computer, and BTINTERNET account please help

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    If you are upgrading to those items, I would upgrade to Windows 2000 or XP. Why go to Windows 98 ,since you will have the horse power to run these newer OS's.

    As for losing data you should NOT lose any with hardware upgrade. You will have a better built machine if you do a "Clean" install of any OS. Also you may not be able to upgrade to 2K and I know you will not be able to upgrade to XP. You will need to do a clean install.

    Also so your other cards may need to be upgraded to fit on the new mother board. Check this out real soon, you may find it may be cheaper to build a whole new system than try to upgrade and have a stack of used parts on the shelf.

    Now running HP Pavilion a6528p, with Win7 64 Bit OS.

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