I've stumbled across something that causes Outlook to hang every time I do it. [I know the obvious solution to simply not do it... but still I post.]

In Tasks, if I choose the pre-defined view "Server Tasks" -- Outlook hangs. At first I thought I would never access Tasks again, but I ran scanpst.exe and was able to open Tasks once more.

I'd really like to remove Server Tasks, but Remove or Delete is not an option in the Define Views... dialog, and just highlighting it there hangs me up. It may have been put into Outlook by the Business Contact Manager -- I'm not sure. I know I didn't define it.

It clearly wants to connect to a server, which I don't have, and is prepared to wait a lot longer than I am. This is no fun. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can remove this View?
Thanks! Kim <img src=/S/bananas.gif border=0 alt=bananas width=33 height=35>