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    Defraggler 1.05 out

    If you use Defraggler you will have been prompted to download and install the new version 1.05 (build 111).

    The reason for putting this post is to point out the hard-to-find <pre>Defraggler (Command-Line Version)

    df /?
    df /L [/debug]
    df <drive> [/debug]
    df <item> [<item>] [/S] [/debug]

    /? Show this message.
    /L List all supported drives.
    <drive> Defrag drive.
    <item> Defrag file or folder. This option can be set multiple times, but
    all items must be on the same drive.
    /S Recurse into subfolders.


    df C:
    Defrag drive C:

    df "C:Program Files"
    Defrag "C:Program Files" folder.

    df "C:Program Files" /S
    Defrag "C:Program Files" folder and recurses into sub folders.

    df "C:Windows*.exe"
    Defrag all executables inside "C:Windows" folder.</pre>

    which reports rather better on its progress than does Microsoft's DEFRAG.EXE x:

    It's a very portable application (one GUI exe - 1274 KB, one Command Line exe - 490 KB). It seems to be considerably faster than Ultra Defrag, particularly at the initial reading of all the files on the disk.

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    Re: Defraggler 1.05 out

    >you will have been prompted to download and install the new version 1.05
    Only if you have autonotify turned on.
    The rest of us have to wait until our brains click into gear and go read the excellent support forums.

    Or wait for you to post here (grin!)

    Command-line mode SCREAMS.
    I read (in the forum) that others find it significantly faster than console mode.

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