Sometimes perhaps one want to monitor how the file size changes in real-time as one develop something.

When exploring a site I mentioned in the Graphic Applications forum - <!post=this post,746587>this post<!/post>, and it wasn't only mentioned for his nice photos but also for all the information and the software that is there - I found, among other;


A small utility that can monitor up to four files, it shows the size and date/time of last change. When changes occur it flashes the text once in red and updates the information. The size is also shown in MB in the title bar. It includes start, stop and stay on top, and is possible to resize. When it is monitoring the present time is shown in the title bar.

As far as I know it leaves no traces in the registry, settings are in a small ini-file in the same folder as the program, and it thus needs no installation. It needs the Visual Basic 6 runtime files, but for most people I guess they are already there on the PC.

<img src=/S/free.gif border=0 alt=free width=30 height=15>ware, the zipfile contains the standalone file and a small readme.

I know about this <!post=old thread,570912>old thread<!/post>, and its mention of the shareware SizeWatch for folders etc. But at times different tools can be useful.