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    Opening Hyperlinks closes Word doc (97-SR2)

    When I create hyperlinks (either URLs or a local file) everything works OK until I exit the document. Then when I re-open the document and click on a hyperlink, the hyperlink opens, but the WORD DOCUMENT CLOSES! It doesn't matter whether the link is to a URL, (when IE5.0 opens) or to a local document (including word docs). The problem occures after I exit the document with the links and then re-open it.
    Is this a setup problem, a bug, or something I'm doing wrong? I checked on a friend's system and his behaves in exactly the same way. I don't see this mentioned in any previous postings, so any help would be much appreciated.


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    Re: Opening Hyperlinks closes Word doc (97-SR2)

    Hi Adam,

    In a way, this is "by design".

    When you click a hyperlink in Word, if the document isn't dirty (unsaved changes) then the document will close. The way this "feature" was originally designed was to use Word as a browser window and then use the Back button on the Web toolbar to return to the document.

    You can work around this by adding the n switch to the hyperlink field. The n switch specifies that you want the link to open in a new window.

    To edit the hyperlink, use <Alt F9> to toggle the field codes so you can add the switch. It would look something like:
    { HYPERLINK n }

    However (don't cha hate howevers! <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>) in Word 97 then I have found that editing an exiting Hyperlink field and adding the n switch doesn't always work. Word will still close the document.

    I get the best results by using Insert/Field and inserting the Hyperlink field with the n switch using the Options command. I have yet to figure out why this method works and simply adding n to the field doesn't. <img src=/S/frown.gif border=0 alt=frown width=15 height=15>

    Note that once you have a field inserted using this method, it can be copied and pasted for others.

    You can also work around this by making a change to dirty the document, such as adding a space, so Word will not close it when you click the link.
    Cheers! <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>

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    Re: Opening Hyperlinks closes Word doc (97-SR2)

    Thanks for your very prompt help. I understand how this works now.
    So far, just adding the 'n' switch manually works just fine for me.
    Also, now I've found that if I have the Web toolbar enabled in Word or Excel, I can use the Forward and Back arrows in
    Word or Excel to jump around the various linked documents.
    Interestingly, using the 'Back' arrow on the IE5.0 to go back to Word (or other originating application) still works even if you
    close Word after jumping to the link. There is no startup time for Word, so it must be kept in memory because it is the originating 'Page'.
    Very clever.
    Cheers. <img src=/S/cheers.gif border=0 alt=cheers width=30 height=16>

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    Re: Opening Hyperlinks closes Word doc (97-SR2)

    I just read your post regarding preventing a document from closing when you select a hyperlink to another document.
    You suggested using a n switch
    I have the reverse problem in that when I select a Hyperlink to another document on the company network then select back, the document opened by the hyperlink and the original both stay open, with a lot of browsing the system soon comes to a halt as many documents are open.
    Where can I get a list of the switches I can use to perhaps fix this problem.
    Or perhaps you know a solution.


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