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    Supress AutoSignature for GAL recipients (OL 2000 SP3)

    Hi, is there a setting, or Exchange script, to supress the AutoSignature in email message sent to GAL recipients? It seems silly to include the autosignature in messages to co-workers. They don't want to or need to see the company logo, phone #, etc. It's a small organization, less than 20 users.

    Thanks for information!!

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    Re: Supress AutoSignature for GAL recipients (OL 2000 SP3)

    Not in native Outlook client. There are some Exchange server side signature-enforcement capabilities, but I don't know if they are native to Exchange server or can discrimate between local and external domains. You might be able to do something with message templates, but it wouldn't be simple. There are some third party signature tools, such as here on Slipstick you could look at, and that page also has a link to server-side tools
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