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    Hyperlink problem (97 SR2)

    Here's a peculiar one. I have a hyperlink on a form that opens a HTML page. This works fine for most users on our NT 4.0 network. However, on the same NT4.0 PC another user (logged on with their own username) clicks the hyperlink, IE 5.0 opens but does not display any web page. It seems as if Explorer is not opening or working properly as you cannot open any menu items either. I have checked permissions on the files and the users have full control. They can open the web page directly in windows explorer.
    I cannot see any reason why this should be happening. Please help.

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    Re: Hyperlink problem (97 SR2)

    It sounds like a possible profile issue, and you might want to post a question in the Windows NT forum with a link back to this thread. It's also possible that IE wasn't installed properly for All Users on that machine.

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    Re: Hyperlink problem (97 SR2)

    Ok. I have posted it in the NT group. The versions of IE5 installed were performed by SMS. Maybe I will try reinstalling IE.

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