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    File Import (2003)

    I have an Excel file that I import into Access. The text fields default to 255. Is there any way (should I say an easy way) to reduce the size of the text fields. Once the file is imported, I make a copy of just the structure and change some of the text field sizes and then do an append query to load the data into the new structure.

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    Re: File Import (2003)

    I'd do it like this:
    - Import to a new table once.
    - Adjust the field sizes of the new table.
    - Delete all existing records from the new table.
    - Import again, but now to the already existing empty table.

    If you need to do this more than once, you can link the Excel sheet in Access, and run a delete query on the new table followed by an append query from the linked Excel table to the new table.

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