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    Form Totals (Access 2000)

    OK...I'm confused.

    In the detail section of frmTimeEntry I have several controls (all bound) in a row that begins with cboProjectNumber. Each control allows the user to input the number of hours worked each day. At the end of the row of I have another control txtTotalHours. This control totals the hours across the row.

    In the form footer I have the exact same number of controls (all unbound).... each control should sum the number of hours worked for each day by each project. The formula I am using to total: "=sum([MonReg])", ect.


    Row 1:
    Project 1. Mon=8, Tues=0, Wed=2, Thurs=1, Fri=0..the total across the row would be "11"

    Row 2:
    Project 2. Mon=2, Tues=8, Wed=0, Thurs=4, Fri=0..the total across the row would be "14"

    The controls in the form footer should be:

    Mon=10, Tues=8, Wed=2, Thur=5 and Fri=0.

    For some insane reason, I can't get the form footer controls to total..I get #Error instead.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    p.s. the odd thing is...I have an exact copy of this form and it works perfectly. I have looked at every single thing and can't determine why the twin form won't total.
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    Re: Form Totals (Access 2000)

    Um, have you tried the obvious? delete one of the fields and re create it. Does it now work?

    Check that there is not a conflict between field name and control name.

    If it works perfectly in another form the implication is that you have performed a cut and paste without completing customisation of the copy.

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    Re: Form Totals (Access 2000)

    >>"=sum([MonReg])", ect.<<

    You might want to make sure you don't have any controls named [MonReg], etc.
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