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    'Invisible' Controls (2003)

    When I create controls - eg Command Button - using the Control toolbox, the control is "invisible". When I release the mouse button, I just see four white handles around where the edge of the object would be. If I move away from the object, it disappears altogether. This problem also occurs when I open spreadsheets (created by other people) which contain Command Buttons. I cannot see the Command Buttons, although other people can. Command Buttons created using the Forms toolbar display correctly. Can anybody please explain to me why this is happening and how I can solve the problem? Thanks very much for your help.

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    Re: 'Invisible' Controls (2003)

    What is your view setting for Objects? (Tools, options, view tab)?

    If show all, maybe emptying all your temp files is needed. Do a system-wide search for files with this extension: .EXD. Delete them all. Make sure to search in hidden folders.
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