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    Sun Excel problem (2003)


    I am in a serious problem. We had been using Microsoft Office 2003 since the past 10 Years. Now, due to Market Recession and Cost Cutting we have cancelled the Microsoft License and now installed Sun's office package in our company.

    The problem is we have a plethora of Microsoft Excel Sheets saved in our system that includes a variety of macros and all. We have also installed Microsoft Excel and Word Viewer but we are not able to edit in those Microsoft excel spreadsheets.

    Is it there any way so that we can actually view and edit those Mircosoft Excel sheets without installing Microsoft Office package.

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    Re: Sun Excel problem (2003)

    Open Office should open your Excel files without a problem, but not all of your VBA code will work. I don't really know how much won't work though.

    You'd better brace yourself and expect the worse.

    Some cost cut. Save on pencils and spend on consultants to fix your macros. Duh.
    Jan Karel Pieterse
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