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    Word default formating Office 2007 (Office 2007)

    Why would anyone believe that a mix of space before and space after for Header and normal paragraph would be a good idea? Why would anyone change the way that the first line on a page moves up and down dependant on space before of the paragraph, in earlier versions of Word the first line on a page would ignore space before now even the first paragraph space before is honoured. This is fine if the first line of the page is always of a single paragraph style but if it isn't in multi page documents the top of the page will seem to jump up and down dependant upon paragraph style.

    Not so much a question as a scream of exasperation.

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    Re: Word default formating Office 2007 (Office 2007)

    Some of Microsoft's design decisions are rather weird...

    You can tell Word to suppress the extra space at the top of a page:
    - Click the Office button.
    - Click Word Options.
    - Select Advanced.
    - Select the document in the "Compatibility options for" dropdown list.
    - Expand 'Layout Options'.
    - Tick the check box(es) that you want.
    - Finally click OK.

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    Re: Word default formating Office 2007 (Office 2007)

    Besides the setting that Hans described, I have found that the Space Before is honoured IF your paragraph is told to have a Page Break Before but not if it just happens to fall on the top of a page.

    IMHO this is a feature and allows you to ignore or obey the paragraph space before easily. This is useful for styles such as Title or Appendix Headings where you might want them on a page by themselves and so you want to drag them down into the middle of the page rather than burying them up the top.

    Your top margin might also be dramatically affected if the section's page setup is not set to "Top Alignment"

    In terms of why would anyone want to use both space before AND after, think about paragraph spacing in paragraphs like a Caption or a heading. The Caption needs to sit away from the graphic but it also needs space after to disassociate itself from the following text. Likewise a heading should carry a bigger space before than normal body text but it may also need the subsequent paragraph to also give it some additional space to allow the heading to stand out. This becomes even more critical if you include a graphic element such as a border or shading with the style. I use both spaces regularly and highly recommend them but I concede that if you don't know the style definitions of your documents then it will take you extra clicks to resolve spacing issues. I generally apply my own templates to all documents I need to format which allows me the luxury of knowing how the paragraph spaces are controlled without having to examine each pair of paragraphs.
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