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    2007 on my machine...EDGADS !!! (2007)


    Came back to work today after a month on disability; & the office IT guy had replaced my old version of Access (2000) w/ the new version (2007, as part of our office upgrading to Office 2007).

    With my old version...[our community architectural database resides on our central server (our F drive)]; & when our office members who need access to the database double-clicked on a desktop shortcut...up popped Access w/ a prompt dialog type window asking what view the user needs. We would select Tables > & then the appropriate database; & the table would load correctly.

    Now...w/ Access 2007...the shortcut brings up a blank screen w/ a Navigation bar at the left. To get to the database itself, one needs to open that navigation bar & go to Tables; & then open the particular database table.

    So...what I need to do that I have the Tables up...I would like that old style window to come up, w/ the last viewed database (in Table view) to be highlighted (or...some reasonable as to make Tables the default view as a be able to go right into the table of choice.

    is this possible ??? (hope I made sense out of this inquiry)


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    Re: 2007 on my machine...EDGADS !!! (2007)

    There are several utilities and add-ins that provide a "classic" database window in Access 2007, such as Access Extra and DBC2007, but you might want to give the new interface a bit more time - perhaps you'll get to like it eventually.

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