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    PowerPoint as an e-Learning Tool (2003 (11.8227.82221) sp3)

    I am part of new staff orientation team. I present in person w/ the use of a PowerPoint presentation. I will be updating my presentation soon and would like to make it a self-paced e-Learning tool so that new staff can review / complete within 2 weeks of hire as their time permits. I want to include questions throughout the PowerPoint w/ hyperlinks to the answers. Is PowerPoint a feasible inexpensive software for something like this? If so, any suggestions to get me started would be appreciated.

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    Re: PowerPoint as an e-Learning Tool (2003 (11.8227.82221) sp3)

    It's certainly possible to have a self paced e learning presenttion (I would use triggers not hyperlinks) Where you will get problems is if you want to collect the "scores". For this you will need to write vba code.
    More on triggers.

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