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    Portable Offline Browsing? (2000 no SR)


    I want to download a complete website to my PC.
    Then transport the pages to another PC for viewing.

    Pls. recommend me the best / simplest way to achieve this.
    I trie IE5.5's Offline Browing facility, but it seemed to take a long time.
    Also, it seems to store the files in the folder "Temp. Internet Files" and transferring the files from it is pedantic & not really practical.

    Another Q. is - is there a method of batch-processing all these webpages directly into Word2000 documents. Maybe one of you guys have some snazzy VBA which can do this?

    Thanks v. much,


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    Re: Portable Offline Browsing? (2000 no SR)

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    Such process rises questions about copyright - many websites installed programs preventing copying.
    If there is no legal objections, you can copy single web page choosing File | Save as. If you want to copy several levels of website, choose Favorites | Add to Favorites, then check Make Available Offline, then click Customize button and follow Customize wizard. This process may take a long time, depending of number of levels and speed of your Internet connection. To distribute saved web page among different computers, open it offline and save as Web Archive (.mht) file. If you have not such an option in Save as Type drop-down list, download the upgrade from Microsoft Office website ( <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>)

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    Re: Portable Offline Browsing? (2000 no SR)

    I frequently do this to view information on my laptop, where my connection may not be so great.

    There was a thread on this in the Software Finds board, you may find it <A target="_blank" HREF= &view=&sb=&o=&vc=1#Post42116>here.</A>

    Hope that helps!
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