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    My Yahoo news (IE 6.0.29 & Firefox 3.0.3)

    This is an odd little issue. I noticed that, if I'm checking the news headlines at work, My Yahoo will have a little "fly out" appear to the right with a bit more information to the headline. It disappears if you move the mouse or click the headline. Same behavior in Firefox. The organization I work for has not adopted IE 7 yet, though I do use it at home. But I don't see the "fly out" at home with either browser. There are so many settings (Java, Active X, Flash) and so many security tweaks available, that I have no clue why it behaves one way at work and the other at home. I have attached a screen capture of what it looks like at work. Thanks a lot.
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    Re: My Yahoo news (IE 6.0.29 & Firefox 3.0.3)

    "Rich" (heavily formatting) tooltips usually are generated with JavaScript. Presumably you have enabled JavaScript for, or a lot of the site would not work properly. If you run the NoScript extension in Firefox, you could check the popup to see whether one or more domains is blocked on that page.

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