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    Crosstab Aging (2003)

    I'm trying to get an aging of my data and figure a crosstab is the best way, but I'm unfamiliar with them and how to make it work.

    My data has a BU, a $$, and a date.

    I need something that looks like the attached.

    How would I go about doing so?

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    Re: Crosstab Aging (2003)

    You could add a column to the original data that calculates the difference between TODAY() and the date column. (Excel tends to format such a difference as a date, simply clear the formatting to see the difference as a number of days).
    Next, add a column to compute the age groups, with a formula such as
    =IF(D2<60,0,IF(D2<=120,60,IF(D2<=365,121,IF(D2<=73 0,366,731))))
    You should now be able to create the pivot table.
    If you need more help, please provide a small sample of the source data.

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