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    Excel - check how many instances are running (97)

    I was wondering if one of you lovely experts could help.

    I have an intranet that has a link to an excel file. the excel file has an workbook open event. this works fine if there isn't already an instance of Excel running, however if there is the event does work properly. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem, or how I can check to see if there is more than one instance running??

    Hope this makes sense

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    Re: Excel - check how many instances are running (97)

    I'm uncertain whether your question is a HTML question, an Excel question or a VBA question. Perhaps if you sketched out your scenario in more detail?

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    Re: Excel - check how many instances are running (97)

    I don't think it is an HTML question. the html is just a standard hyperlink as follows

    to view 1999 Electronic Factpack click here.</font></p>

    There is an Autoopen macro connected to the workbook which only works properly if there isn't an instance of Excel already running. The macro disables the standard toolbars, creates a custom toolbar etc.

    When the hyperlink is clicked a new session of Excel is opened regardless of whether or not there is an existing session open. Where there is already an Excel session open the code fails.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Excel - check how many instances are running (97)

    The function below (Called OtherExcelInstance)returns True if another Excel instance is found.

    Option Explicit
    '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''
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