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    Formatting date - caps (Office XP)

    Hi gang,
    I want to format my date with the first letter of the month capitalize.
    My Windows and Excel are in French and usually the month does not take a capital on the first letter unless it's a title.
    I want to format my date to show January 2009. I
    I personalized my format but can't seem to make the "J" in caps.
    Any ideas how I could do this?
    Johanne Champagne
    Montreal (Quebec) CANADA

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    Re: Formatting date - caps (Office XP)

    I don't think you can do this with the French names of the months such as janvier etc.
    But you can specify that Excel should use English names even on a French system:
    - Select the cells you want to format.
    - Select Format | Cells...
    - Activate the Number tab (#1 in the screenshot)
    - Select Date in the list of categories (#2 in the screenshot)
    - Select English (UK) or English (United States) from the Locale dropdown (#3 in the screenshot).
    - Select a date format.
    - If you want to customize it, select Custom in the list of categories AFTER selecting a format that resembles the one you want.
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