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    blecch - comparing columns of data (Excel 97 SR2)

    SOS - I have 2 columns of data - column 1 is a list of printer names (4 character) that are supposed to be deleted from the system later today (was notified yesterday!) - column 2 is a list of printers I need to have retained (ie NOT deleted). Column 2 also has multiple instances (duplicates) of many of the printer names. I need to compare the two columns to make sure none of the printers in column 2 appear in column 1 (to be deleted). Excel help tells me all about the magic of some tool (I can't remember the name) but didn't tell me where to find it. I've never used pivot tables so I don't know if that's the solution - HELP!!!

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    Re: blecch - comparing columns of data (Excel 97 SR2)

    Select Column 2, use Data menu, Filter, Advanced Filter, Select Copy to another location, check Unique records only, and enter $C:$C in the Copy to box, press OK, this will give you a list of all printers in column 2 with no duplicates.
    Select all of the printer names in column 1 and name the selection List1.

    In cell D1enter the formula:
    =if(ISNA(VLOOKUP(C1,List1,1,FALSE), "",1)) then press Enter. Position the cursor in the bottom right corner of D1to bring up the fill handle (a cross), double click on it, this will fill down column D. All names in column C that also exist in column 1 will have a 1 against them in column D.

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