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    Line In My Header and Footer (2007 SP1)

    I am trying to copy a header/footer.

    My document is a legacy - I don't know how the header/footer was created.

    The header/footer has a line - below the text in the header, and above the text in the footer.

    When I copy and paste the header/footer, the text pastes but that line doesn't paste.

    What do I need to do to get that line to paste?

    You can see my issue in the attached file by comparing the last three pages.
    P.S. This is problem came up in trying some of the workarounds in my previous post on putting a landscape table on a portrait page.
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    Re: Line In My Header and Footer (2007 SP1)

    The lines are paragraph borders - the second paragraph in the header has a bottom border, as you can verify as follows:

    - Click in this paragraph
    - Activate the Home tab of the ribbon.
    - In the Paragraph section, click the dropdown arrow to the right of Borders and Shading.
    - Select Borders and Shading.

    Similarly, the odd page footer has a top paragraph border.

    If you select the relevant paragraph in the header or footer, including the end-of-paragraph mark, the paragraph border will be copied along with the paragraph.

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