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    Lost Contacts (Outlook 2003)

    Somehow I was able to completely mess up my contacts in my Oulook. After synching my Treo, I accidentally overwrote something and lost about 200 of my 500 contacts in both my phone and address book. The weird thing is, I lost some of my personal contacts as well as some from Global Address List (I am on an Exchange Server). There really is no rhyme or reason to which contacts were deleted. I AutoArchive to my local hard drive. Is there a way to overwrite only my Contacts from my .PST file? My network administrator is baffled as well. Thanks!

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    Re: Lost Contacts (Outlook 2003)

    You can open the Archive PST file from within Outlook and copy the contacts from one contacts folder to the other.


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    Re: Lost Contacts (Outlook 2003)

    I don't think you could have deleted anything from the Global Address list. However, in Cached Exchange Mode, you do have a local copy that could have been damaged. If all else fails, you could try renaming the OST file and rebuilding it. This could take an hour or more if you have upwards of 1GB of data.

    With respect to AutoArchive, it is not a backup. If your contacts were in your main folder rather than having been archived, I do not think you will find them in archive.pst. (You can take a look, though, just use File > Open > Outlook Data File) You might have to go back to a server-side backup; depending on what backups are available, this might or might not be worth the possibly immense effort.

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