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    Reviewing slides (Outlook 2003)

    When I review a slide by clicking “play” in the custom animation pane, two problems arise. First, the music doesn’t play, unless I am viewing the first slide in the presentation, where I have the music set to start playing. Second, the presentation does not play past the slide I am currently viewing.

    I can get past both of these problems by going to the first slide and watching the presentation by selecting Shift + F5, but I don’t want to have to start reviewing all the way from the beginning of a slide show when all I want is to take note of where the music is when the 23rd slide transitions. I also can’t watch the advanced timeline when I view the slide show by clicking Shift + F5.

    Is there a way around these problems?

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    Re: Reviewing slides (Outlook 2003)

    I don't think PowerPoint "knows" how to play music at the right point if you don't start at the first slide. It has no inherent knowledge of the soundtrack.

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