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    boot up problem (XP home/not sure)


    i am mostly a Mac user, and am woefully ignorant on windows matters. I have a compucon with windows XP, I know it was upgraded to service pac 2, but not sure about service pac 3, as my roommate has been using it lately. In fact, I was going to check and upgrade it and Zone Alarm, but can't seem to do anything, as when I boot up a message saying "iertutil.dll" is missing, and that I may have to reinstall it.
    The problem is, I can.t do that or anything else, as all I see after I close the warning is my screen picture, and after a while the screen saver. Nothing else. No startup button, no desktop icons of any kind.

    How do I access the computer in this case? I am guessing there is a way, but I did the option alt delete bit, and it did give me a window of some sort, but it doesnt seem to do anything. Should I be starting in safe mode, and if so, how do I do that?

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    Re: boot up problem (XP home/not sure)

    You could try to perform a repair install of Windows XP.

    This will not delete your existing programs and files, but will just fix any missing or damaged Windows files.

    The one problem you are likely to come across is that you need to have an installation CD for the correct version of Windows (for example XP Home SP2).


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