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    Column Widths (XP)

    Column A to F is one set of data. Columns I to N another set of data.
    I don't believe this is possible, but a client wants to know if it is possible to adjust the width of the columns in the first set of data, without having the second set of data move to the left or right because of the adjustment in the first set of data.

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    Re: Column Widths (XP)

    When you adjust the width of a column, all columns to the right MUST move. But there are a few possible workarounds:

    - When the widths of columns A...F is increased, decrease the widths of columns G and H (and vice versa) so that the total width of columns A...H remains the same. This would cause columns I...N to remain in the same place.
    - Select Window | Split and move the split bar to between columns H and I. Columns I...N will be displayed in the right hand pane.

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