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    adobe printing

    I am trying to print a .pdf file. Whenever I try to print I keep getting an error. "This document could not be printed" after clicking "OK" it then says "There were no pages selected to print" I have tried everything I can think of but I keep getting the same error. Can you help, please.
    Rick B

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    Re: adobe printing

    It may be that whoever created the PDF file deliberately set the option for it not to be possible to print it (which you can do with Adobe Acrobat). Do you kow whether anyone else has managed to print the file? If they can, then we must look for some other explanation. You could try using a different program to open the file (for instance if you are using Adobe Reader, what is the result if you use the free Foxit Reader? Or a different version of Adobe Reader.)


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    Re: adobe printing

    Following up on Ian's first suggestion, you can check File > [Document] Properties > Security to see whether Printing has been disallowed.

    Another way to print when Adobe Reader won't print is to copy the individual pages as images and print them from either an image editor or from MS Word (after inserting them into individual pages). A lot of work, so hopefully you will find another solution.

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