I'd like to introduce you to our three new admins: Brian Livingston, Tony Johnston, and Ryan Biesemeyer. They're with Windows Secrets.com, which is helping the Lounge over the next few months with a much-needed upgrade that will improve our speed and usefulness.

As many of you know, Brian is head honcho at Windows Secrets Newsletter. His books and my books peacefully co-exist on many bookshelves. We both write for Wiley: Brian gets the Secrets, I get the Dummies. (Not sure who got the better end of that deal.) He talked me into becoming a Contributing Editor at Windows Secrets Newsletter almost five years ago. I’ve known and worked with Brian for more than a decade.

Tony and Ryan work with Brian as developers. They’ll be rewriting some of the Lounge code that's grown spaghetti-style and molasses-like over the years. They’re also on the hook to make Lounge searches work better, and to coerce Google into indexing everything. We’re going to get an RSS feed (YAY!), more customizable views, and lots of additional goodies. Brian will let you know shortly – this coming month – about a beta that Lounge mods and WMVPs can take part in as the improvements are hacked together.

I'm excited about the possibilities, and I hope you'll welcome our new admins like twins separated at birth. Something like that.

Happy New Year, everybody! At least, those of you who can get out in the snow and ice. I'll be taking in a fantastic fireworks display over Patong Beach. There's never been a better (or cheaper) time to visit Thailand!