This is not a hot topic in the list, but I thought I'd share it anyway. Who knows...

I have been a great Go!Zilla v3.5 fan for a long time, albeit it's known well enough for being spyware.

As time passed using Go!Zilla became increasingly harder, as many anti-virus took more draconian measures against it. This was true to the extent that Go!Zilla system files could be removed or quarantined and the software would not launch, as happened lately with two major AV softwares.

Left withoug Go!Zilla, I needed a download manager, so well, I googled for "free download manager", and came up with: Free Download Manager. I gave it little use to date, but like it so far. The integration with IE and Firefox (which captures new downloads) can be disabled as one would expect.

Hope someone will find this useful.