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    MSMoney activation (old version)

    Several years ago I was elected to the Sec./Tres. position for a small professional organization. We purchased MSMoney (Money 98? Money 99? not sure which version) to keep track of our meager funds. I've used the software ever since.

    Last week I had some virus / spyware issues with my computer so I reformatted the hard drive. Everything is back to good except I no longer have the MSMoney disks or the activation code. I really need to get into the *.mny files to do some reports. Do I have any hope of convincing someone at Microsoft to: 1) send me the software to install and 2) get me an activation code so I can get the software to work?

    If there is hope, whom do I contact? I've tried their website. None of the links seem to be what I need.

    As a backup plan, I do have Quickbooks Pro here and could install that. However my preliminary research indicates that I will need to open the mny files in Money to get them ready to import into Quickbooks.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Larry P

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    Re: MSMoney activation (old version)

    You may want to try to download one of the MS Money free trial offers that will probably allow you to open the .mny files in order to move them to Quickbooks.

    Check out Free Money!

    Three different version to select.
    I also had good luck in getting replacement CDs for a program, where I stupidly left the key number 1 CD in the paper feed tray of my printer, then went to print out something and the CD became a shattered mess.
    MS support kindly sent me a replacement set at no cost. Don't know if that will work for a program that old but it's worth a shot.

    or call them at their 800 number that I don't have here at my fingertips.

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