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    Vista/Norton Conflict? (Vista Home Premium)

    Hi loungers, hope you can help as usual!

    Got PC in Nov, worked a treat till last week when I get freezes every few minutes. Decided the only thing I had installed that may have interfered was Norton anti virus - did system restore last night and it seemed better (let me stay online for half hour which is unusual!) I still haven't removed all traces of Norton as i don't trust it now - just wondered if anyone else had the same experience/knowledge of a conflict?

    Am going to try Avast now which has been recommended to me.



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    Re: Vista/Norton Conflict? (Vista Home Premium)

    Hi Raine,

    Not a "freeze" issue per se, more a denial on certain aspects of the PC, one particular one was the denial of MSN, probably a blessing in disguise but it sent my daughters into orbit so have to do it via the web browser. Other aspects were that one account cannot access the internet via IE and has to use Firefox.

    These are all minor irritations, the PC is getting long in the tooth so we are not too bothered about it so we are "living with it" until it is replaced, it was running smoothly until I installed NAV 2008 a mistake I will never again repeat after I buy a new PC.

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