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    Re: Limited protection (97-SR2)

    You have two choices - write a macro that unprotects the sheet for formatting (perhaps including autofit instructions within the macro) and then protects the sheet again.
    Or use your god-like powers as designer of the sheet and format your columns extra wide.

    I know which one is easier...

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    Re: Limited protection (97-SR2)

    To answer your last question about defining a few ranges and protecting those. Yes, you can do that, I've done that when regular protection was too restrictive (plus some features do not work on a protected sheet). You'd define the range then in the worksheet's change() event you can determine if the active cell is within the "protected" zone (your defined ranges). If it is, then warn the user and issue the undo command to restore the previous data.

    You'd need the .Intersect method of Range and the Application.Undo

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    Limited protection (97-SR2)

    My workbook has 20+ sheets all linked to a MASTER sheet.

    In the non-master sheets:
    I need to protect 2 columns and 1 row on a sheet that has 12 columns.
    This is easy to do.

    Problem is, my users will enter data in the adjacent cells and will need to expand those columns for printing or viewing the contents of these 'collapsed' strings.
    When a sheet is protected, there is no 'stretching' allowed.
    I've tried all of the alternatives available under protection. (Contents, Objects, Scenarios)

    Since all sheets are identical, couldn't I just define a range or two, and make a global call to not allow any changes?
    How might this be implemented?

    Here's a Word doc that has all of the info I'm shooting for.
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