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Thread: How long?

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    How long?

    I've just adopted a 4-year old male cat. He used to live 100 metres away, and his family have moved out of the village. The previous owner said their vet recommended keeping him indoors for a month before letting him out, so he would recognise this as his new home, but this seems a long time to me. Does anyone have any similar experience?

    He is very friendly, has taken to using his litter tray as if he'd always used one - although I'd been warned he had no experience of one. He eats anything, seems very relaxed and has made himself completely at home. He has made no real attempt to escape despite there being slight opportunities as the front door is opened. During a previous attempt to rehouse him he had been desperate to get out, and did so! He was about the last thing out of his old home so perhaps he realised his previous owner was moving. Either that, or perhaps it's the Thomas the Tank Engine set that's keeping him here <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>

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    Re: How long?

    I'm sure all cats (and other animals) are different, and this is a VERY old story, but it meets your question. Many years ago, my wife and I moved from Frankfort to Lexington, Kentucky, about a 25-30 mile distance. At the time we had a male cat who was probably 6-8 years old, I can't remember for sure. He was un-neutered and had always been an outdoors-going fella but we had no cat doors for him to do so.

    After our 25 mile move, we kept him inside for probably 3 or 4 weeks and figured he was well enough settled in that we could let him out. He disappeared and didn't come back. The next day, the lady who had bought our old house called and said the he was scratching at her door, wanting to come in. So, I drove down and picked him up. Imagine that, he had made that journey safely! I've never gotten over my amazement. This happened a second time but I don't remember the span of time. We finally kept him inside for a couple of more months before we finally let him outside and he DID come back.

    My current cat (a neutered girl) has only been in my arms for an occasional visit to the enclosed courtyard.

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