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    word formatting (word 97/word 2000)

    When formatting is applied to a paragraph (e.g. ctrl+0 - Space before ) it gets applied to many other paragraphs, before and after original paragraph. Then undo (ctrl+z) will remove formatting from these extra paragraphs and will retain the formatting of the original paragraph.

    Problem occurs on some paragraphs of a document, both in Word 97 SR2 and Office 2000.
    Formatting can be any with sortcuts or toolbars or menu.

    Appreciate some pointers to a solution.
    Thanks in advance

    arvind kelkar

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    Re: word formatting (word 97/word 2000)

    Here are two likely possibilities:

    What appear to be separate paragraphs aren't really separate paragraphs - this can occur if manual line breaks (Shift+Enter) are used instead of proper paragraph breaks (Enter) - setting Formatting Marks > Paragraphs to show will indicate whether or not this is the case.

    The other possibility is that the "Automatically update" setting has been left on (look in Format > Style > Modify) - if there is a checkmark next to Automatically update, remove it. I don't think there is anyone who can think of a good reason why that feature was made available in Word!<g> - all it does is cause problems.


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    Re: word formatting (word 97/word 2000)

    Thanks Gary,

    The "Automatically Update" was causing this problems.

    Thanks again.


    arvind kelkar

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