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    Banking Warnings

    Some of you may remember that I preview all email with MailWasher Pro while it's still on the server. Probably spurred on by the world "financial crisis" the bad guys have stepped up the emails in the past few days that are subjected with something to do with the (USA) Federal Banking System or Federal Reserve or something to make it plain that the message has to do with banking dangers. Previewing the viewable text, which isn't much, one can see warning words about phishing dangers and our USA government warnings and so on.

    I did a bit of looking on a few of them with Whois and ALL contained disguised links to domains that were registered in CHINA, with technical contacts in MOSCOW and administrative contacts (allegedly) in New York City, Los Angeles or elsewhere in the USA.

    As usual, be careful out there...

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    Re: Banking Warnings

    I've received two such warnings today. Interestingly, neither was from any banks I deal with. And I didn't open them.

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