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    Null error (Access 2000)

    When a required field is left empty, an error message appears. I would like to set up a method for indicating which field has been left null. I have tried customizing the standard error trapping method that is created using the wizards, but it gets bypassed. Only the standard error description appears and my message is never reached.
    The same thing happens when a duplicate value is entered. It bypasses my error trap.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Null error (Access 2000)

    Where are you trapping the errors? I mean, at what point in the process?

    You can use the BeforeUpdate event of the form to test any required controls, cancel the update if they're not properly completed, and set the focus to the first control with an error. That way, you shouldn't get any Access error messages on required fields because you won't let the user save the record until he fills them in.

    You can use the Error event of the form itself to trap the duplicate key or index error and then decide what to do with it.

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