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    Windows 98 'dies' after 5 minutes

    I have a Fujitsu Notebook running Japanese Windows 98 (it's a celeron 366 with 191 MB Ram). I have a big problem. After around 5 minutes using any program the program freezes. I can only close the program by using CTR+ALT+DEL. Thereafter until I reboot I receive an insufficient memory message when I try to do anything, even opening a folder. Soon after I receive a message indicating that I have insufficient resources to run Explorer. Could this problem have been caused by accidentally switching the computer off at the mains rather than closing down properly (my mother unplugged me!). Please help!

    Chris Hunt

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    Re: Windows 98 'dies' after 5 minutes

    Sounds like you have a battery problem if switching off the mains killed it. You did say it was a notebook, right?

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    Re: Windows 98 'dies' after 5 minutes

    I'm not sure. It is a notebook but the battery indicator shows the battery level is OK. The computer will keep running until I open an application, it's only then that the problem starts.


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    Re: Windows 98 'dies' after 5 minutes

    Sounds as though you may have fried a memory chip. With Laptops and Notebooks, my advice would be to take 'em to the shop you got it from, or to your friendly neighborhood computer shop..
    There's too much proprietary stuff in a very tight space for amateur attempts at repair to be very successful - and failure can be expensive. This particular game is not worth the candle. Warranty still current? It won't be if you crack the case.
    If it is a battery problem their test-bench will soon tell you.


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