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    2 Operating Systems want to startup (Windows XP SP3)

    I formatted my HD and installed Windows XP SP3. Vista was previously installed on the HD. I looked into the boot.ini file. Vista does not appear in Boot.ini, however half way thru boot up, I get the error message that a boot file is missing. When I press enter, I can choose between Windows XP and Vista. When I choose XP, the PC boots properly. When I choose Vista, I get an error message that says the bbot file is missing or corrupt.

    I have fixed similiar problems with other PC's in the past by going into the Boot.ini tab in system configuration and deleting the old operating system. In this case Vista does not appear in the boot.ini file.

    Any suggestions? Thank you.

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    Re: 2 Operating Systems want to startup (Windows XP SP3)

    Windows XP NTFS and Windows Vista NTFS are two different animals.

    The easiest way to fix your problem is to reinstall Windows XP.
    Boot from Windows XP Setup CD, choose Install (not repair) Windows, press F8 to accept EULA, and on the next screen destroy the partition (D > Enter > L), then create a new one ( C ). Select new (raw) partition for Windows installation, format it in NTFS, etc.

    Good luck!

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